Hey, I’m KA, and I’ve recently come out of the “woo” closet. (I’m reclaiming woo as my preferred term for spiritual/self-care/wellness/esoteric/occult/new age/metaphysical/witchcraft/magical/mystical studies.)
Growing up, I was a super-sensitive kid who believed in ghosts and trusted my intuition until I had a crisis of faith—and everything else—when my entire family and one close friend passed away within a 6 year period during high school and college. Since apparently spending my childhood immersed in training to be a professional ballet dancer wasn’t scarring enough, I found myself orphaned and broke at 22, which led to a lot of workaholism and heavy drinking.
It’s been a wild, winding journey of healing ever since (to hear that whole story, join the WWB email list through the sign-up forms on this site), but after a decade of avidly studying everything from psychology to starseeds, I can confidently safe I've experienced a return to, well, my true self.
I’m a mostly Sagittarian INFJ, with a Taurus sun + Leo moon, but my life is run by my 0°Gemini Mars. (For ex, I just went down a 20min rabbit-hole to see if I'd taken the Enneagram test.)
My favorite thing in the world is recommending books/podcasts/experts/courses/etc. (My #1 Strengthsfinder trait is input and I consider myself an information hoarder.)
Fun—and some not so fun—facts about me:
  • I live in my childhood home, but did once leave NY for 6 yrs in LA.
  • I LOVE trying weird flavors of potato chips. Think "cheeseburger" or "lobster roll" flavors.
  • I know something really resonates with me if I start randomly crying, and I believe most of my healing  has happened while sobbing in a puddle on the floor.
  • I have recurring dreams where I am frantically packing for a flight home from Australia that I don't even want to be on.
  • I still drive a 2000 Toyota that’s gone cross-country twice, but probably logged more miles following bands on tour.
  • I simultaneously worked three jobs and wrote a thesis in college and I’m STILL tired.
  • After college, I've worked in film/tv set design and interior design, so I know all the IKEA product lines by heart.
  • I'm a recovering Catholic; Zita is my confirmation name and I had to fight the powers over whether she was a "real saint" even though her uncorrupted body is enshrined at a cathedral in Lucca, Italy and I have seen it with my own eyes.
  • Contrary to the story above, I have spent most of my life being terrified of dead bodies, from mummies to wakes. (Think Schmidt from New Girl without the moment of triumph.) This is probably due to the fact that I spent most of my formative years in hospitals and funeral homes. Tl;dr, an astrologer once called my childhood “macabre".
  • My first and favorite woo book is called “How to Get Everything You've Ever Wanted" by Dr. Adrian Calabrese.
  • I joined Moon Club last year and everyone in it is a magical goddess.
  • I'm also excited to bring my experience also working for two groundbreaking endeavors: the multidisciplinary arts publication, ESOPUS, and the feminist-with-a-side-glitter wedding website, A Practical Wedding, to The Woo Workbook.
I created the Workbook to bridge the gap between avidly reading horoscopes on pop culture sites and becoming a full-fledged weirdo mystic, and to create a place to share my rolodex of resources like the above. 

I am fairly certain I’m never gonna run out of things because this year I’m going on at least 3 retreats, trying one new practice a month, and I literally never stop reading (though tbh some of it is fanfic).

Plus I take requests, so if there's something you want to learn or a woo-woo recommendation you're in need of, write to me at woo workbook [at] gmail [dot] com.

I'm also  is happy to speak at personal development, wellness, and magical conferences, and to be interviewed for podcasts and blogs. For anything along those lines, please reach out to me directly at keriannkohler [at] gmail [dot] com.